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Making sure your windows glisten in the sun

Date: 22nd Jun 2017

We’ve been enjoying rising temperatures and sunny days over the past few weeks like many homeowners across Surrey & London. We’ve broken out the sun cream for the first time this year and we’re slowly swapping over to our summer wardrobes – needless to say, we’re loving the longer days and are spending every minute […]

How to get unobstructed views with large windows

Date: 15th Jun 2017

Whether your house looks out onto glorious British rolling countryside, a stunning cityscape or a garden that you have meticulously preened to perfection over the years, it’s understandable that you’d want to be able to take the views in as often as you can. Some windows, we think it’s fair to say, offer more than […]

Have you considered internal blinds for your home?

Date: 7th Jun 2017

We don’t know about you but, for us, there are few places more sacred than our homes. They are our sanctuaries – where we go after a long, hard day at work; where we spend quality time with family and friends; and where we can happily laze around in our pyjamas until noon on a […]

What gases are double and triple-glazed windows filled with?

Date: 22nd May 2017

Double- and triple-glazed windows have become essentials in the UK – with the weather being as unpredictable as it is, it’s a comfort to know that you can at least depend on your windows to keep you warm and cosy on chilly days and nights! Of course, the benefits of installing modern windows don’t just […]

Three easy ways to make a room look bigger

Date: 19th May 2017

If there’s one thing that we could all do with a little more of, it’s space. Although we love small, cosy spaces and when done well they can easily turn into calm sanctuaries for relaxing in at the end of the day, we certainly don’t want to feel cramped in our bedrooms or living rooms. […]

Enhancing the flow of natural light within your home this summer

Date: 14th May 2017

As much as we might moan about missing out on that extra hour of shut-eye when the clocks go forward, we cannot deny that the extra daylight the time change brings is ultimately a worthy trade – we just love those hazy summer nights, and being woken up by gentle natural sunlight is far easier […]

Choosing windows for a Victorian period property

Date: 27th Apr 2017

The Victorian era was an exciting time for architecture. Industrialism brought with it a wave of new building and manufacturing techniques, and this meant that high-quality roof tiles, window panes, bricks and more could be affordably mass-produced. As a result, some of the most beautiful period properties and townhouses in the UK were built, many […]

How to know if you need planning permission for windows and doors

Date: 15th Apr 2017

If you are installing, repairing or replacing windows and doors, it is always a good idea to check whether you need planning permission before doing so. The majority of homeowners will not need it, but going ahead without checking could result in costly and time-consuming repair work if it turns out that permission was required. […]

Ten window terms all homeowners should know

Date: 14th Apr 2017

If you are getting your windows fitted, repaired or replaced, it always helps to understand some of the terms being used, so you can make sure you’re getting a solution that meets your needs. So, with that in mind, here are 10 windows terms all homeowners should know.

How shatterproof glass can keep your home safe

Date: 26th Mar 2017

If your house gets broken into, or someone in your home accidentally smashes a window, the last thing you need is a floor full of shattered glass. As well as being a nuisance to clean up, the sharp shards could cause a nasty injury, especially if you have children in the house. This is why […]

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