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Arched windows (also called radius windows) are one of those fashions that appears again and again throughout architectural history. As well as being a staple feature of churches and monasteries, you will find them in properties from a variety of periods, such as Gothic, neo-Romanian and Georgian. They are a bold, distinctive and domineering architectural feature, and one that you would understandably want to protect if you came into possession of a property that had them. You don’t have to own a period property to enjoy the aesthetics of arched windows, though, as getting them made and installed is easier than you may think.

Replacement arched windows for period properties

Period properties that have not been upgraded with modern materials can be draughty, as single glazing is used. This would also be the case with arched windows. If you want to make your home more energy-efficient, but do not want to spoil its authentic period charm, then you can simply have imitation replacement windows fitted (planning permission permitting). Arched windows can be replaced with double-glazed versions that feature timber imitation like Residence 9 to ensure they look just like the originals. If you are thinking of replacing your arched windows, then be sure to get them professionally measured and surveyed first (the Unique Windows team is happy to advise you on how to go about doing this).

New arched windows for modern homes

Arched windows can add a touch of period elegance and intrigue to contemporary homes, letting in plenty of natural light and making the living space seem bigger and brighter. Your building does not have to have been designed with arched windows in mind – renovating it to make room for them is a simple process. While capturing the period style and grandeur that you desire, your new arched windows will ensure that your home is light, spacious and energy-efficient. You can add personal touches with coloured frames and Georgian bars.

Original arched windows were typically static designs, but you are able to add operational capabilities, such as a sliding sash, to suit your needs. Fanlights – small arched windows that are usually fitted above a door – can also be fitted with new openings to boost the flow of air around your home.

Here at Unique Windows, we can help you find the perfect arched windows to create the home of your dreams. If you live in Brighton, Banstead, West Wickham or a surrounding area, contact us today to find out more.

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