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Bifold doors are seen in homes and commercial properties across the UK, famous for their concertina operation and opening up spaces to the outdoors. While they’ve certainly grown in popularity over the years, property owners are becoming mindful of short-lived trends, creating homes that will remain timeless even as interior styles come and go.

Here’s our guide to why modern bifolds have kept their place as one of the most popular doors and why they’re not going out of fashion any time soon.

Why do property owners still choose bifolds?

There are many different factors considered when installing new doors in the home, including aesthetical appeal and functionality.

Bifolds are highly popular in rooms that connect to the outside, both in residential properties and commercial spaces. The folding door panels can create a huge opening, making for a smooth transition between indoors and out. You can even choose low-threshold options for seamless movement between the two areas.

As well as their practical design, aluminium bifold doors are a highly desirable product thanks to their quality feel and colour range.

Are there any drawbacks to installing bifold doors?

One reason property owners may be hesitant to choose bifold doors is the number of sightlines required compared to sliding doors, which often have a ‘glass wall’ effect. By contrast, bifolds are constructed from several door panels, each with their own frame. However, with all styles of aluminium doors, the ‘more glass, less frame’ ethos remains, producing slimline frames that can enhance the design’s overall look.

Another concern some property owners have is whether they have enough space for bifolds, but they’re actually a really good option for smaller rooms. Unlike sliding doors, you don’t have to have enough wall space to accommodate several sliding panes, as the door leaves stack up against one another when opened rather than completely remaining in the track.

Bifold door alternatives

When installing new doors in your home or business property, it’s important you make the choice that’s right for you. Luckily, as well as beautiful bifolds, other options are available. Popular doors include uPVC patio doors, French doors and sliding doors.

Each design has its own benefits, so the right product comes down to aspects such as personal preferences, the aesthetics you want to create and the project budget. For example, in a modern business property, ALUK commercial doors can look sensational. Or, if you’re looking for a traditional but timeless patio door product, French doors tick all the right boxes.

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