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Modern sash windows may look in keeping with heritage architecture, but advanced engineering has transformed the way they function. New timber sliding sash windows retain the charm of their original counterparts but ensure homes are energy efficient, well insulated and secure. Bespoke windows and doors specialists will help you to customise the features of your sash windows, and one of the options you may have come across is leaded weights. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Sash Window Weights?

The operation of sliding sash windows means that you can have upper and lower sasheswhich move up and down. A huge problem with traditional older fittings is as the timber starts to deteriorate over time, it produces more friction, which causes the window to become stiff to open and close, requiring a bit of strength to move sashes up and down. Luckily, modern sash windows have been made to last, so the smooth glide operation makes it incredibly easy to operate the window. That said, the pull of gravity means without something to counterbalance the weight of the sash, it won’t hold in place. This is where sash window weights come into play, concealed within a hollow box frame on each side of the window.

Benefits of Leaded Weights

People choose products with window weights so that they can open the sash to whatever height they want and it will stay in place. This has several benefits, including having more control over the air circulation and ventilation of your rooms, the noise coming into your property and securing windows in place. If choosing to repair or renovate your old fittings, you may decide to replace the leaded weights within the system rather than buy new windows. This would involve finding the right weights to fit your window boxes and using a company who properly understand how to calculate the new weights required.

Are They Worth It?
Leaded window weights are the traditional system used in sash windows, operated using pulleys. However, you must use a high quality product if choosing them because the weights must be able to counterbalance the weight of heavier sashes. That’s why many people are moving away from timber windows, and selecting uPVC products which emulate the look and feel of wood. These advanced products still have a balanced load mechanism, making them easier to use, holding the sashes at any height. While other products use options such as a spring balance, weighted windows add a timeless and authentic appearance to your windows, looking and functioning as older wooden box sash windows would. Many choose to replace sash windows rather than repair as they come with so many additional benefits, including thermally efficient glazing and features such as sash locks, travel restrictors,security bars, inward tilting mechanisms and sash lifts. Looking for sash window products? Speak to the team at Unique Windows London. Wecover Surrey and South London areas such as Redhill and New Addington, as well as operating a Carshalton window showroom. Get in touch now to find out more.

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