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While coloured glazing can be installed in places such as decorative fanlights, when we talk about blue glass, it actually refers to the innovative product created by Pilkington. Their ActivTM Blue Glass range has become popular with both homeowners and businesses alike for the wide selection of benefits it offers. But where are the best places to install this type of glazing?

Glass Roofs & Skylights

One of the best qualities of blue glass is its self-cleaning properties. It has a pyrolytic coating which breaks down organic dirt in daylight, allowing the particles to be washed away by rainwater. This makes it the perfect option for hard to reach areas in the home where manual cleaning is difficult without the help of a professional. 

If you’re considering replacing or installing a glass roof, consider Pilkington ActivTM Blue Glass. This could be anything from an outside veranda cover to a lean-to roof. It could even be used for skylights around your home. The function of any type of glass roof is to maximise light from above and create stunning views, so it’s important to find easy ways to keep the glazing as clean as possible. Blue glass offers this solution.


Blue glass is often chosen for conservatories. Many people build conservatories as a bright sun lounging area for the home which connects with their outdoor spaces. However, there’s also a worry about areas of their property becoming too hot as a result, especially with the summer heatwaves we’ve been having the last few years. Blue glass provides a great solution thanks to its solar control properties. This means it has excellent light transmittance to create welcoming looking spaces while absorbing energy to help keep areas cool enough to enjoy.

New Extensions

When building a new extension, a priority for many homeowners is to ensure it’s a bright and airy space rather than blocking out light, selecting larger glass panels in doors and windows. For this reason, roof lanterns are also popular, especially over dining and kitchen extension spaces. When planning which type of glazing to use for these areas, blue glass is a good choice for its energy-efficient, low maintenance qualities.

Alternate Glass Roofs

The self-cleaning and solar control benefits of this type of glass make it ideal for installing in large, expansive areas. This includes large glass façades you often see in commercial buildings. It makes cleaning the glazing easier and safer than ever if your property is located out in the open where rainwater can reach it. The blue tint of the glass can also provide an attractive feature, and you can opt for a bronze tint if you would prefer this look. The glazing can also be toughened or laminated for further safety, security or noise insulation benefits.

kitchen roof lantern

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