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When choosing new windows and doors for your home, there are so many elements to consider. From choosing between uPVC or aluminium windows to selecting a colour which complements the look of your property, homeowners can customise designs to provide a stunning appearance and functionality to their home.

Textured glass is a classic example of this, defining the look of windows and doors in specific areas of the home while offering a range of uses for more comfortable and practical living, combining light transmission with privacy.

Thinking about installing textured glazing in your replacement windows and doors? Here are some areas to consider.

Front Doors

Installing textured glass in front doors is a popular choice, having the benefit of protecting your privacy and blocking a clear view into your home while allowing you to see if someone is at the door. Homeowners may also choose this type of glazing when installing a new porch, adding an extra layer of privacy and security to their home. Various textures and decorative options are perfect for creating a truly bespoke design. Quality collections will have the choice of both laminated and toughened glass so that you can choose the right level of security depending on where you’re having the glass installed.

Interior Doors

As well as entry doors, textured glass is often chosen for interior doors where homeowners want to divide rooms but still have a feeling of cohesion. This could be a door situated between a living room and dining area, for example, or even used for a kitchen door. There are different levels of obscured glazing to choose from, including a matt appearance, decorative etched glass and matching products for kitchen cupboards and shower screens.


While it’s not unusual to see frosted glass at part of a bath or shower unit, homeowners can also choose to have textured windows installed in bathrooms and toilets where privacy is a priority for enhanced comfort levels. One of the benefits of textured glass collections is that they come in a wide range of styles from modern to traditional, ensuring you can choose a design which complements the look of your home.


Textured glazing can be a welcome addition if you’re installing skylights or rooflights, letting in maximum sunlight to brighten rooms while avoiding the harsh glare of the sun. You can also choose tinted glazing if you want to add a tinge of coloured light into some of your rooms.

Textured glazing products make a wonderful addition to your home, and if you’re considering replacing any of your windows and doors, it’s the perfect time to choose the best glazing for each part of your property.

Here at Unique Windows, we work closely with Surrey and London homes, providing expert advice when selecting the best window and door products while offering supply and installation services for a first class experience from start to finish. All of our products are bespoke, giving you the chance to customise the look, including a quality range of textured glass options. Contact our friendly team to find out more or visit us at our showroom in Carshalton.



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