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When designing a unique front door for your home, many like to add a personal touch by customising with their choice of hardware, colours and styles. The simple act of changing a door knocker shape, replacing solid panels with glazing or adding a woodgrain finish can completely transform the overall look. This is why many homeowners are choosing to complete the look of their new front door with a fanlight.

What Is a Fanlight?

A fanlight is a smaller window which is located above a door or another window. For front doors, this means installing further glazing either at the top of their front door or above it, usually in the shape of a semicircle. One of the most popular options is to use textured glass or obscured glazing so that privacy isn’t compromised. Many homeowners look for ways to truly personalise their front door by designing a unique, coloured fanlight in a design of their choice. Designs will often include different blocks of shapes in colours such as red, green, orange, blue and yellow. It’s also possible to have fonts and numerals etched into the fanlight such as the property name or house number. From the outside, they become an attractive feature to be admired, adding more character to your home.

Benefits of Fanlights

When placed throughout the home, fanlights are fantastic for improving ventilation in your rooms. However, when placed as a small glazing panel above a front door, they offer alternative benefits. Front doors can sometimes block natural light from entering the hallway, leaving your entranceways feeling dark and unwelcoming. This is especially true if your front door consists of completely solid panels rather than any glazing elements. Fanlights allow natural light to cascade into your hallway without compromising on privacy, being located too high up to peer through easily. Not only that but the textured, patterned and coloured designs can affect where light falls and even add tints of other colours to your hallway, creating a warm and cosy feeling.

Residential & Commercial Properties

Fanlights are mostly seen in homes, creating a beautiful feature around your front door which complements both your entrance and the rest of your home’s character. You can even opt for matching side panel glass with the same borders and decorative features to enhance the overall look. However, businesses who are based in a converted property such as a townhouse for their office, consultancy or practice are also choosing this feature to add a professional stamp to the look of their premises. Many commercial properties decide to have their company name etched into the fanlight, making it easier to identify them as a business while creating a welcoming feel at first sight. They’re also a great feature to add if based in a period property, creating a charming look which fits in with the existing aesthetics.

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