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When choosing new windows for your home, there are lots of elements which come together to ensure the perfect design and functionality. We often talk about factors such as window profile styles and colours, but what about the sills? This overlooked area can help define the overall look of the window while adding extra functionality. If you want to get the design right, thinking about whether to select a deep or shallow sill is a great place to start. Here are some ideas to consider.

Traditional vs Modern Sills

When thinking about the deep vs shallow window sills debate, it often comes down to the property style you want to emulate. The more traditional you want to go with the window design, the deeper the sills should be with shallow designs often chosen for a modern look instead. If you’re looking at replacing windows with timber alternatives, you may even find they offer a deep window sill option. This includes brands such as Timberlook. They provide the option to add an authentic ‘Radlington Cill’ design, which boasts a 55mm height for maximum impact and character. It aims to emulate the design of traditional timber window sills which accompany heritage wooden windows.

Importance of Good Quality Materials

While picking a deep or shallow window sill often comes down to the look you want to create, could there be some differences in functionality too? As the depth relates to the thickness of the material (rather than how far the sill sticks out from the window unit), you’ll need to consider factors such as the maintenance involved with each option, as well as the strength of the design and whether it’s easily damaged. For both window design solutions, ensuring you choose a high quality material is key. Luckily, most modern frames and sills come with low maintenance requirements, including paint finishes which don’t flake or scratch easily and materials that don’t warp over time.

What About Flush Window Designs?

Placed at the base of the window, sills are often seen as an integral part of any window design, but are they even required? The answer is yes, but that’s because the word ‘sill’ is usually thought of as the protruding part of the base, but this part is the ‘stool’. In fact, even if you choose completely flush windows with no visible external sill, it’s still important to ensure windows are completely watertight and structurally strong. Many people like to have a deep window sill on the interior side to create a homely look, placing anything from plants and pictures on the area. However, you may want to consider a flush window design for the exterior side for a modern twist on traditional looking windows.

timberlook window outside view

Looking for new windows?

Whether you choose deep or shallow sills when replacing your windows, contact Unique Windows. We supply and install bespoke collections throughout South London and Surrey. If you’d like to discuss window design options, call now for a no-obligation chat on 020 8770 7397.

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