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With high-quality window installations, the products chosen and the way they’re fitted should ensure you don’t encounter problems, but what about common issues with faulty windows? If you’ve felt a draught coming in through your glazing, but you can’t easily detect where the cold air is coming from, there’s a chance your window seals have broken. If you’d like to know more about how to tell if this has happened and what you should do next, follow our top tips.

What Are Window Seals?

The standard of window designs has drastically improved over the years, bound by Building Regulations to ensure they’re energy efficient. Windows with double or triple glazing will have a seal around their perimeter which provides an airtight fit. The seals will also help to lock into the gas present between the panes of glass. This creates insulation for the windows, stopping warmth from escaping through the glass and cold air from getting inside. If the seals break for any reason, it could result in draughts coming in and a dip in the internal temperature of your rooms.

How to Know if Your Window Seal Has Broke

While it’s not often obvious that a window seal has broken, there are some key signs to spot, including unexplained draughts coming in. You may not notice anything at first if the break is minor with the effects only becoming more apparent once the weather starts to fluctuate between seasons. 


The first main sign of a broken window seal will be a condensation build-up between the window panes where moisture has entered, and you won’t be able to shift it. If the condensation sits on the exterior of the glass, and you’re able to wipe it off, this is normal. If the gas between the panes has started to leak, you may also find the glazing looks a little distorted.

What to Do when Window Seals Fail – Expert Glazing Solutions

If your window seals have broken, one of the first steps is to check your warranty. Windows are often guaranteed for many years after they’re installed, and broken window seals should be covered. This is because it may have occurred due to the way they were fitted or a mistake was made during the manufacturing stage. If your windows are covered, then hopefully they can be replaced free of charge.


If not, the cheapest solution is to have the seal repaired if possible, but this won’t get your windows back to their original standard. If you want to ensure your windows can insulate your home as they should and remain energy efficient, you’ll need to have them fully replaced. Hopefully, the window seal has only broken for a single unit, so your local supplier can help you find a like-for-like replacement.

Do you need windows replaced?

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