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During the colder months of the year, it’s often apparent just how much we rely on our windows and doors to ensure our homes stay warm. Issues such as draughts and lack of adequate insulation can cause energy bills to skyrocket in the battle to keep harsh winter weather at bay.

Luckily, modern designs such as bifolds (often chosen for new conservatory doors) have a plethora of features to withstand everything thrown at them. So how do they achieve such impressive weatherproofing?

Premium grade aluminium frames

The best material for bifolds is aluminium. Not only does its strength maximise the amount of glass to frame, but it comes with features that ensure homes and commercial buildings remain warm in winter.

The addition of a sophisticated polyamide thermal break limits heat transfer from one side of the bifolds to the other, which also helps rooms stay cooler in the summer months.

Expert bifold designs

Every aspect of bifold doors from top manufacturers such as Origin has been considered, ensuring that the high spec designs protect your home from the elements. For example, opting for a weathered threshold (recommended for external door designs) provides a weathertight seal when the doors are closed. When opened, only a minimal lip remains in the doorway, keeping the design as seamless as possible.

How do bifold doors withstand the harsh British weather
Keep the cold winter weather out with our bifold door range

High thermal performance

High-quality bifolds are manufactured to go hand in hand with thermal efficiency. The lower the u-value of a material, the better, so modern bifolds are often designed to beat the required building standards for both new and replacement windows and doors. This creates better insulation for a property. You could even choose triple glazing for advanced weather protection and reduce the amount of noise coming into your home.

Expert door installation

While it’s vital you choose products known for their reliability and thermal performance, the ability of designs to withstand all weathers relies on expert installation. Always hire a respected local door supplier accredited in their field and has a track record for quality installations.

Bifold doors aren’t your typical design, coming in multiple configurations, from French doors and multi-pane designs to complex additions, such as corner bifolds. Therefore, you need an expert on hand to ensure they’re fitted to achieve optimal weather performance levels.

Premium Partner of Origin bifolds

As a Premium Partner of Origin Bifolds, Unique Windows gives access to a top manufacturer of quality, British made bifold doors. As a leading UK manufacturer, their products achieve the perfect blend between stylish design and practical features, boasting an impressive thermal performance. We have a range of bifold designs to choose from with some of the slimmest sightlines on the market.

From Balham to Brighton, we work across Surrey, South London and beyond, supplying bifolds to exacting standards, whether a residential or commercial installation.

To speak to a member of the Unique Windows team, call now on 020 8770 7397.

Bifold door installers in South East England

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