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From choosing a new Spitfire front door to replacing old windows, there are plenty of ways to update the look of your home. Origin is a huge advocate of giving property owners choice when it comes to creating the look and feel they want in their home or business. That’s why their newest offering, the OW-70 slimline window, provides even more ways to help you enhance your property.

Why Choose Slimmer Window Profiles?

We sometimes get asked ‘why are slimmer window frames better?’, but there are several reasons you may choose this option for your home. One is that the larger the glazing you select, the more natural light entering your property. This creates warmer and brighter rooms which look more welcoming and spacious as a result. While you may not want to extend the openings along your wall, a much easier way to increase the amount of glass in the space is to a choose a product with slimmer frames. It’s also a great way to enhance the views from your home, especially in those areas which overlook beautiful garden spaces.

Aluminium Frame Strength

Top manufacturers such as Origin Windows use premium grade aluminium to help produce some of the narrowest sightlines available. It’s a strong, yet lightweight material, so it can hold larger panes of glass than other products. In fact, Origin’s new OW-70 collection boasts sightlines of just 65mm which is an impressive feat. Not only that, but their aluminium products are beloved for their functionality as well as their look. This includes multi-point locking, excellent thermal performance and low maintenance requirements, and their industry leading 20-year guarantee is a testament to the faith Origin has in its durable products.

Creating a Modern Look

Traditional, bulky frames can really outdate the look of some properties which is another reason why slimmer frames are becoming so popular. They’re used for modern new builds but also in older homes in need of an update with this range already showing itself to be one of the most elegant, sleekest window designs on the market. This is also thanks to the flush external finish it produces with no overlapping frames on the outside of the property. Luckily, you can customise the windows in a variety of ways to create the look and feel you want for your home, including choosing between fixed and casement configurations, over 150 RAL colours, a variety of handles and matt, gloss and satin finishes. All windows are made to measure, so enquire with your local supplier about maximum sizes.

Find an Origin Premium Partner

Here at Unique Windows London, we’re proud to have become an Origin Premium Partner which means they trust us to provide the highest supply and installation services for their products. As a result, our specialists have been fully trained in their products, so are happy to talk through some of these if you’d like to consider them for your home. We have a showroom in Carshalton and also cover Surrey and South London locations such as West Wickham and Sanderstead. Receive a tailored quote now.



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