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Whether you’re installing a new conservatory or upgrading existing fittings, choosing which doors are right for your project will depend on a number of factors. This includes their size and configuration, design and that all-important cost. 

Unfortunately, many home improvement projects cost more than expected if you don’t work closely with a supplier to ensure all expenses are considered from day one of planning. 

Here are some top tips for selecting the right doors for your budget.

Pick the Right Material

New doors come in lots of different materials, from traditional uPVC and modern aluminium to alternative composite door designs. If you’re looking for ways to lower your budget, uPVC doors are often one of the most cost-effective materials to opt for. Rest assured, these are still one of the most popular choices for UK homes, with crisp clean lines, a wide range of colour options and an impressive thermal performance. If you’re set on a particular design and colour, speak to your supplier about the costs involved for each door material on offer.

Balance Design Details & Functionality

If you need to keep your door installation project within budget, it’s time to pinpoint your main priorities for the design. List out the features which are essential vs those which are desirable to help you easily make a decision if compromises need to be made. For example, for many homeowners, energy ratings and security will often come above other design details such as coloured fanlights.

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When looking at the different ways to reduce the costs of installing new doors in your home, always keep the quality of the fittings in mind. If you choose low quality products, they may fail or not match your needs, having to be replaced or upgraded within a few years. The last thing you want is to install a door which doesn’t keep out draughts very well or brings down the appearance of your home. Always check online reviews of any door companies you consider and ensure they’re accredited. 

What to Do when Window Seals Fail – Expert Glazing Solutions

Whatever the size of your budget, an expert door supplier will work closely with you to pick doors within your limits without compromising on their quality. They’ll talk you through both standard and customisable design options, as well as the different features available. They may also be able to recommend doors which could have upgrades added at a later date or look at which features are the best for your needs. This is the easiest way to keep your project and budget on track from the start.

Are you looking for the best doors to match your budget?

Contact Unique Windows London, covering South East locations such as Surrey. Our knowledgeable team can talk you through the different collections suitable for your budget, finding beautiful bespoke door designs for your home. To get started, request a no-obligation consultation and quote by calling us.

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