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With working from home becoming the new normal for many, creating a comfortable office area to work in has become essential for many UK property owners. However, when thinking about whether your study works for you, did you know that your windows and glazing can have a factor in how the space looks, feels and functions? Here’s how to upgrade your home office with some new fittings.

Improve Natural Light

When creating your ultimate home office, it’s important to have a space which feels comfortable to work in, but that functions well too. Natural sunlight can make you feel happy and motivated during the day, as well as helping you easily see everything you need to without increasing your electricity bills with additional artificial lighting. Consider installing larger windows if your current space feels a little gloomy or even doors, such as bifolds, if your study connects to your garden, also making it easier if you’d like to work outside on the laptop in the warmer months.

Create Better Views

When stuck indoors, it can feel like there’s not a lot of stimulation going on around you compared to office life. However, creating a study you enjoy spending time in could mean ensuring you have good views through your windows and glazing. If you’re in a room with a flat roof such as an extension, loft conversion space or garden office, consider a roof lantern or skylight to create beautiful aerial views. You could also consider upgrading your windows to slimline aluminium ones, getting rid of bulky frames and achieving narrow sightlines to ensure views are virtually unobstructed.

Consider New Window Installations

If you want your home office to truly work for you, think about whether the current position of its windows, doors and glazing works for how you would love to arrange your furniture and equipment in the space. You could consider installing new glazing in a different position. If your office is feeling draughty, you could also replace your fittings with modern energy-efficient windows, helping to create a more comfortable space to work in.

Achieve Quieter Spaces

Creating a quiet space in the home is no mean feat, especially if you’re on a busy road or hear lots of external noise coming inside. This is where triple glazing comes into its own, adding an extra pane of glass that helps to reduce noise, creating better sound insulation for your home office. You could even consider this if you’re building a new garden office, especially when the summer months will bring the added noise from other people’s gardens.

Want to upgrade your home’s glazing?

At Unique Windows London, we offer a wide range of glazing solutions for all spaces in the home, including high-quality aluminium windows and doors. If you’d like to talk through your requirements and receive a free, no-obligation quote for various products we supply and install, call now on 020 8770 7397.

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