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When choosing new sliding patio doors, there’s a stunning range of products on offer. This includes Origin sliding doors, Cortizo Cor Vision Plus and Smarts Visoglide doors. But did you know there are different options when it comes to how the sliding panes operate? Here’s our expert guide to inline sliders vs lift and slide doors.

Inline Sliding Doors Explained

Inline sliders are traditional style patio door designs, secured via a key which fits into the handle. The sliding panels sit within their frame, held in place at the top and bottom of each pane. The smooth operation is achieved via door rollers, which remain in the tracks, using the weight of the doors to slide open effortlessly.


You can choose multiple configurations depending on the width of the space you want to fill and the sightlines produced as a result. Those with a triple track design could even take up to four panels, and some panes can be fixed whereas others will be the sliders. Luxury designs such as those offered by the Cor Vision Plus range can reach heights and widths of up to four metres with the slimline aluminium frames having sightlines of just 25mm. 


Inline sliding doors are the ideal design for those who prefer a traditional operating door which can fit both large and small openings.

Lift & Slide Doors Explained

Lift and slide doors have come a long way in recent years, becoming a more reliable product which lasts the test of time. The ‘lift and slide’ levered mechanism works by raising the panels to move on top of rollers in the tracks as and when they’re needed. 


Inline sliding doors are always sat on the rollers, but this design works differently. To operate the doors, the secret lies in the handle, which turns 180 degrees. At the same time, the sliding panel is ‘lifted’ onto the rollers, ready to be controlled by the user. When you want to close the doors, you move the sliding panels back into place, turn the handle again, and the pane drops back into its original position. 


A benefit of this type of sliding door design is that it doesn’t rely on the weight of the doors to work, creating a lighter feel when operating the panels. It’s one of the most frictionless mechanisms available for sliding doors, and you can often lock them in place even when they’re partially open by turning the handle. Therefore, it’s sometimes a more premium product, so ask your supplier for quotes on both designs if you’d like to compare prices.

Choosing the Right Sliding Doors for You

Other than the operation of the doors, the two designs offer all the same benefits. Expansive, high-quality sliding doors produce a virtually frameless look thanks to slimline profiles and narrow sightlines. You can customise the frames with the colours, finish and hardware of your choosing. Both also produce excellent results when it comes to thermal efficiency, security and low maintenance requirements.

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