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While high-quality double glazing will last for many years, if you have older fittings, they may be due an upgrade. But how do you know if it’s time to replace your windows? Whether you need new cottage windows or replacement glazing throughout your home, here are some of the key signs you should upgrade your double glazing now.

Thermal Efficiency

Many window installations can last for at least 20 to 25 years, but with so many of us living in older properties, it’s easy to forget that your windows may no longer be working as they should.


Most homeowners would agree that one of the most important features they look for in windows and doors is good thermal efficiency. Older fittings may have become less efficient over time or can’t match the thermal performance standards of modern windows. This can lead to draughts, poor insulation in the winter and rising energy bills. You may have even found issues with condensation levels, especially if any window seals have broken.


When you first speak to a new window supplier, ask them to talk you through which materials are the most energy-efficient, including the u-values of the glazing and any other features (e.g. thermal breaks) which could make your choice easier. 

Frame Quality

Many property owners get tired of constant repairs around the home – from the costs involved to the time and energy it takes to resolve such problems. Unfortunately, the older frames of double glazed windows can need sanding, repainting and staining over time if the paint flakes or the material warps. Otherwise, it can lead to issues such as stiff opening and closing mechanisms, security concerns and unsightly aesthetics. 


Modern window frames such as uPVC and aluminium have more robust colour systems than older designs, achieved via advanced manufacturing features such as powder-coated paint. It means the frames are incredibly low maintenance, remaining at a high quality over time. This is the perfect solution for any homeowner struggling to keep their windows looking as good as new.

Different Window Styles

Many property owners are choosing refurbishments and extensions over moving, so it’s often the perfect time to upgrade your windows and doors throughout the property. As well as the modern functionality that comes with new window fittings, you can also choose a look that suits the style of your property redesign. 


If you live in a contemporary property but love the feel of traditional features, don’t be afraid to replace windows with heritage designs, such as sash windows or timber alternatives. Country décor is highly popular, so look at classic styles too, including French doors and astragal bars for casement designs.

timberlook window outside view

Do you want to upgrade your double glazing?

At Unique Windows, we install bespoke windows and doors across South London and Surrey, offering a wide range of supply options and high-quality installations. This includes double glazing replacements for both homes and commercial properties. For a free consultation and quote, call now on 020 8770 7397.

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