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When replacing their windows, many feel their key priorities are finding state of the art products which not only enhance the appearance of their property but its functionality too. However, we’re now becoming more sensitive towards environmental needs as a nation, taking responsibility for what we can do to contribute towards greener living. This means a rise in those looking for environmentally conscious companies who offer products which either help to sustain the environment or reduce their harmful impact.

If you’re looking for green windows, Kömmerling’s pioneering eco solutions are fantastic  products to consider.

Eco Solutions & Kömmerling Windows

When referring to the term ‘eco solutions’, the phrase often relates to something which is eco-friendly, providing a product solution which doesn’t harm the environment. Kömmerling are a manufacturer who have pledged a commitment to the environment, and have incorporated this ethos into their window designs. Their unique Greenline technology is found in their uPVC windows and is guarantee to be lead-free. When lead is present in products and works its way into air, soil and water, it contributes to pollution and can remain there indefinitely. As a pollutant, it can have damaging effects on both human health and the environment. By producing a window which is lead-free, Kömmerling are the ideal choice for an environmentally conscious property owner. They also offer a scheme in which they collect old uPVC products from their customers for recycling.





Energy Efficiency

Two of the most popular collections are the O70 Gold and C70 Gold ranges. Kömmerling windows are incredibly energy efficient with both these windows boasting five chambers for enhanced thermal performance rather than the traditional three-chambered design. The more chambers a window has, the more energy efficient it can be. This is due to each chamber providing an extra barrier for heat to escape through. By helping keep heat inside your home, over time, it lowers energy bills for a household. Weathertight seals on the windows also provide additional protection against the elements.

Other Beneficial Features

Both the O70 Gold and C70 Gold collections are high performing with multipoint locking features, internal beading for enhanced security and a selection of customisable features to produce the desired look. This includes an extensive range of dual colour options and woodgrain effects. The modern look of their windows is further enhanced by slimmer sightlines and larger glazing elements. UPVC is a low maintenance material which reduces the costs of upkeep and time spent keeping them looking pristine. With high quality designs, Kömmerling windows are built to last the test of time.

Want to know more?

Unique Windows has over 20 years of experience, supplying and installing new windows and doors of the highest quality. This means we’re more than happy to advise about solutions for your specific requirements or talk you through some of the products we’d recommend for your needs. We cover a wide area of Surrey, London and the South East, including Dulwich, Wallington and Thornton Heath. Get in touch now to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with our friendly team.

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