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While there are many fantastic high-performance windows on offer across the UK, Origin Windows is still one of the most popular choices. Their range is ever-expanding, becoming one of the most slimline windows on the market.

Here’s why Origin is leading the way in the windows industry.

Quality Materials

Aluminium is Origin’s material of choice when it comes to the frames used for its products. As one of the strongest window materials, it can be manufactured to a much slimmer profile than other more traditional designs. The aluminium remains lightweight, so it doesn’t have a bulky feel, coming in an unrivalled, premium grade. Such high quality means these windows last the test of time without the need for lots of maintenance. They also come with excellent security features and thermal performance, pleasing homeowners and businesses alike.

Slimline Frames

Origin has several products in its slimline windows range, including the OW-70 and OW-80 series. With a ‘less frame, more light’ ethos, these windows boast impressively narrow sightlines, minimising the obstruction of the views on offer. By keeping the frames as slim as possible, it helps natural light to flood into your property, creating bright and spacious rooms.

Stunning Flush Finishes

Property owners continue to look for ways to create beautiful looks when installing new windows, and Origin’s flush external finishes are one of the reasons they’re a market leader in this field. Whether you’re opting for a traditional or contemporary feel, their windows deliver a trim, stylish finish that enhance the appearance of your home.

Fast Lead Times

Whether you’re a window installer or property owner, fast window deliveries is a must, and Origin’s express services are hard to beat. This includes a short turnaround (24 hours for the OW-80 and one week for the OW-70) on many of their most popular colours. 

Extensive Colour Range

Bespoke features are essential when it comes to new windows, including the colour range available. With an extensive array of RAL shades, you can colour match Origin windows to anything you like in your home. Whatever colour you opt for, the frames won’t fade, rot or flake over time, with the aluminium covered in a high grade powder coating. Choose matt, gloss or satin finishes to create the perfect look.

Outstanding Guarantees

UK property owners want reliable brands in their home, and Origin is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. This is backed up by their impressive 20-year guarantee on many of their product lines, giving you peace of mind that your windows have the quality and durability you want.

Find an Origin Partner

As a proud Origin Premium Partner, Unique Windows supplies and installs this slimline window range across the South East, including Surrey and London locations. If you’d like to arrange a free consultation and no-obligation quote, get in touch now. Call 020 8770 7397 to get started.

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