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We are delighted to announce that we now offer the Origin sliding door as part of our high-quality selection of windows and doors. With slim aluminium frames, efficient runners for doors that glide smoothly, thin sightlines and an ultra-modern design, our new sliding doors are ideal for homeowners looking to save space, let in plenty of natural light and add contemporary elegance to their home. Here’s why our Origin sliding door is perfect for you.

Open up your home beautifully

Our Origin sliding door is designed to stretch across the entire front section of your kitchen, dining area or lounge – perfect for people whose homes look out over a lovely garden or a stunning view. The sightlines are basically non-existent at just 20mm, which means that you can enjoy virtually unobstructed views of the area outside your home. As well as providing the ideal frame to a beautiful outdoor area, the large glass doors will flood your home with natural light, turning it into a gorgeously bright living space for you and your family to enjoy.

Make your door as wide as you like!

Your Origin sliding door can have as many as six sliding panels, with a minimum of two.

So, you can adapt the design to suit the space you have available or the look you are trying to achieve. If you have a large dining space and want to open it up from wall to wall, you can do that with the Origin sliding door. The doors are available up to three metres tall to further enhance the amount of light let in – meaning you can even create a floor-to-ceiling effect if you like.

Save space

The best thing about sliding doors is that they are ideal for properties that could benefit from saving space. As the doors move horizontally along the runners at the bottom of the glass panes, no floor space is required inside or outside to open or close the doors. Even if you don’t need to save space, this creates a delightful aesthetic for a contemporary home, making it look larger and airier. It also means that, in the summer months, you can smoothly open up the room into the garden with no obstructions and no need to pin back the door.

If you would like Unique Windows to install our new Origin sliding doors at your home in Worthing, Warlingham, Uckfield or another area of London or Surrey, contact us today. With more than 150 colours available and a 20-year warranty, we know you’ll love them!

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