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When you imagine sash windows, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking they’re only suitable when creating period looking exteriors and interiors for a property. While there are many high quality, modern products available which can emulate the look of traditional sash windows, there are some designs available which will more than satisfy those searching for a contemporary style. Let’s take a look at Cortizo’s C-70 Hidden Sash System and the modern twist they bring to their products.

Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn designs have become one of the most popular offerings when it comes to sash window styles, allowing for more user control over the amount of light and air entering a room. This is made possible through a full opening mechanism from the side of the window (like with traditional casement windows) or with another turn of the handle, a partial opening from the top if you just need a little ventilation. Cortizo has developed a stunning new design which is characterised by its slender profile. The seen surface of the aluminium outer frames is just 66mm wide, holding larger panes of glass to maximise the amount natural light flooding into the room. In fact, the aluminium frames are so slim that they achieve a glazing area of up to 85%.




How Does the Hidden Sash Work?

The invisible sash and handle can’t be seen from the exterior of the property, so from the outside, you can’t determine which are fixed zones and which are opening panels. The effect is a uniform look for the entire façade, giving a stylish exterior which eliminates the appearance of bulky hardware. With a window profile thickness of 1.9mm, their slimline nature can look great against a variety of property styles. It’s easy to customise the design with a wide range of opening possibilities, as well as colour powered coatings in various RAL shades, textures and finishes such as wood effects. There’s even the possibility of dual colours which means homeowners can select different shades for inside and out. This is ideal if you want to achieve a different look between interior rooms and the exterior of the property.

What about Thermal Efficiency?

Here at Unique Windows, we only supply and install products which meet all customer requirements from attractive designs through to creating secure and energy efficient homes. The Cor-70 is no different, achieving u-values of 1.0 through the use of a 35mm thermally broken area, as well as the insertion of a polyolefin sponge within the frame and sash. The addition of glazing units which are up to 40mm thick enhances sound insulation too, and the window has excellent weathertight properties which will keep the elements at bay.

Want to find out more about Cortizo products?

Get in touch with the Unique Windows specialist team, covering London and South East locations such as Bromley, Brighton and Selsdon. We even have a showroom in Carshalton if you would like to come and see some of the fantastic windows and doors we supply and install. Start your project today.

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