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If you want to identify the period within which a property was built, you can’t go far wrong by looking at the windows. Generally, authentic period homes either still have their original windows (perhaps due to planning restrictions), or feature modern alternatives that are manufactured in the style of an era’s architecture. Whether you are buying an old property or just want to inject some period charm into your contemporary home, then being able to spot the right window styles for a particular period is key. So, if you’re not entirely sure how to tell a Victorian sash from a Tudor casement, here’s some information to help you do so.

Victorian windows

Vertically sliding sash windows are typical of the Victorian era. Originally, the sashes were made by connecting together smaller pieces of glass using glazing bars – this was due to the cost and difficulty of manufacturing large sheets of glass. A lot of Victorian windows have a six-over-six design, which means that each sash is separated into six smaller panes, while later styles have a four-over-four design. In contemporary homes, this can be achieved with glazing bars, which are either fitted externally (astragal bars) or manufactured into the glass.





Tudor windows

Traditional Tudor casement windows have thin timber frames (usually dark-coloured wood) with tall, narrow sashes that are made up of multiple panes of glass, connected together with timber glazing bars. The glazing is distinctive as it features latticework – either diamond or square – that joins together the panes and also adds a characteristic finish to the windows. If you want to achieve a latticework effect on your home’s existing windows, you can do so with astragal bars, which can be retrofitted externally to the property’s glazing.

Edwardian windows

The architecture of the Edwardian period is simplistic, symmetrical and elegant – with a focus on bringing in plenty of light (after the fashion for dark colours and heavy window dressings during the Victorian period). A typical window style is a bay design with six-over-six sashes, which may be dressed with a light lace blind or – for a contemporary twist – a roller blind. Windows that were manufactured in the Edwardian era would typically have white timber frames, which can easily be replicated with modern white uPVC frames.

Here at Unique Windows, we offer a wide range of period window styles, with a high-performance timber alternative that will help you achieve an authentic period finish. To find out which option would suit your home, simply contact us today.


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