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If you’re looking for a new style of front door which is going to wow everyone from your visitors to neighbours, consider installing a pivot door. Brands like Spitfire are leading the way in pivot front door designs, creating products which look and function differently to traditional offerings from other manufacturers. Here are just a few reasons to choose a pivot door for your home or office.

Introducing Front Door Pivot Designs

Over time, front door designs have evolved, so property owners now have a lot more choice about how they want their entrances to work. Pivots doors have risen in popularity over the last few years, preferred by architects who design commercial buildings. However, homeowners have also spotted this rising trend in the industry, recognising their beautiful appearance and modern functionality. As a result, pivot doors are often chosen for home remodels and refurbishment projects.

What Are the Benefits of Pivot Doors?

Pivot front doors are one of the most stylish designs on the market. The way they open is far more unique than classic hinged doors, working on a pivotal system from the top and bottom rather than the side. This provides a contemporary look and function like no other. The mechanism can also redistribute the weight of the door, making them smoother and lighter to open than traditional doors. They produce a luxury feel and appearance, and you can customise the look to the style of your home. They make a bold statement and are often used to connect homes to outdoor spaces better.

Where to Install Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are ideal for installing in larger entrances and unique shaped doorways, creating a bespoke look for the front or back of a property. It’s essential to plan any front door replacements carefully as this is the first impression people will have of your property. Other considerations for whether your home or business is suitable for a pivot door is how wide the opening is, as they reduce the walkway width when open. The basic design isn’t as weathertight as some door types, so choosing a brand known for quality and selecting a design which comes with weather seals is a must.

Spitfire Front Door Collections

Spitfire is renowned for its aluminium door collections, and their S-700 range has been designed to create a focal point of your property’s entrance. They can span to as large as 2 metres wide and 3 metres tall, coming with an array of glass inserts and finishes. You could also opt for LED lights, wood effects and carbon fibre effects to give your door the wow factor you’re looking for. Spitfire offers a five-point locking system as standard and an auto-drop base weather seal.

Create an entrance to be proud of with Spitfire pivot doors.

If you’re looking for a pivot door supplier in South London or Surrey localities, get in touch with the team at Unique Windows. We offer free consultations and no-obligation quotations to talk through your requirements. Call now on 020 8770 7397 to get started.

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