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When designing a home extension, there are always so many elements to think about, from compliance with building regulations to the look and feel you’d like to achieve. Two factors which may influence your choice of windows and doors are privacy and light, which can be conflicting at times. Here are a few ideas for finding the right balance when planning your new extension.

Which way does your extension face?

While most people will already know where their extension will be built, especially if extending an existing area such as a kitchen, you should also think about the installation sites of your new windows and doors. Those lucky enough to be building on a south facing garden will get lots of light in this area, for example. Many homeowners like to consider how to maximise natural light when it comes to their extension plans, so using products which use large, expansive areas of glass such as sliding doors with slimline aluminium frames is a great idea. For those who don’t want a ‘glass wall’ effect and a little more privacy, bifolds or French doors could be more suitable.

How overlooked are you?

Those who worry about privacy are often closely overlooked by neighbouring properties. The addition of blinds is sometimes used as a solution in these cases, providing extra privacy by distorting the view inside while still letting in natural light. However, another option to consider is maximising the light on offer from above. Roof lanterns and skylights are a great way to create aerial views while letting in light overhead. This can help those who worry about installing large windows and doors at the rear of their extension. You could install this type of glazing feature whether planning a single storey or double story extension.

What are you using the extension for?

When getting the balance right between privacy and light, it’s important to think about the extension’s purpose. For example, in a kitchen extension, property owners often want lots of light while they’re cooking, whereas in a home office, privacy may be more important. Don’t forget to plan electrical as well as natural lighting where privacy is an issue.

Have you spoken to a windows and doors specialist?

The best way to create an extension ideal for your requirements is to use a specialist. A good, all in one home extension service will offer project management on this type of home build project from initial ideas through to installation, making things as easy as possible for you. They’ll cover everything from the windows and doors which are most suitable for your needs to finding solutions for any concerns you have over privacy or light.

If you’re looking for a home extension service in South London or Surrey, get in touch with the Unique Windows team. We can guide you through the process from start to finish, including selecting products from a wide range of windows, doors and flat glass roofs. We cover areas such as Kenley, Morden and Reigate. Contact us now to start your project.

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