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UK homes experience all weathers, including summer heatwaves and freezing winter temperatures. However, when storms hit, you want to know your property has all the protection it needs to withstand the elements faced, from high winds to heavy rainfall.

Secure windows and doors should provide you with protection from both intruders and bad weather. Here are some ways you can make sure they’re up to scratch.

Assess your existing window glazing

If you’re looking at ways to protect your windows in stormy weather, start by assessing your existing glazing. Many older products encounter issues, from letting draughts in to rattling in strong winds.

If you’d like to ensure your windows are as weatherproof as possible, it may be time to plan new glazing. You’ll need to consider what features you’d like (e.g. double or triple glazing), the style of windows preferred (e.g. sash or casement windows) and any limitations of your property, such as restrictions for listed buildings.

Always check the u-value of new windows. The lower the value, the more insulating the window, ensuring heat transmits through it as slowly as possible, requiring less energy to keep your home warm.

Prepare your windows for storms

In bad weather, always make sure your windows are kept shut to keep your home safe from the elements. Some property owners also like to install high-quality shutters and blinds to provide added insulation and storm protection.

If you have single glazing and are bound by planning laws not to make changes, you could even consider secondary glazing units. These are fitted internally over the top of the existing window unit for additional protection.

Clear your outdoor spaces

One of the ways windows get damaged during storms is when debris hits them in high winds, so you can help protect them by clearing your outdoor spaces of any potential items that could become airborne. Pack away garden furniture and old pots in your shed or garage, take down hanging baskets and secure anything else that could fly away in the wind.

You should also assess any trees growing close to your property as fragile or overgrown branches can hit windows if they fall or get blown heavily towards your home.

Protect your doors in bad weather

As well as your windows, your doors are a gateway to the outside, so don’t forget them if you’re making your home more weatherproof. Old front doors are often a vulnerable point of a house for cold air to enter, and many homeowners decide to upgrade their back doors too.


Modern products such as bifolds have excellent weather protection in place, including premium grade aluminium frames and low u-values.

Speak to a window expert

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