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Sash windows are one of the most attractive features you can choose for your home, coming in a range of traditional styles which look great from both the interior and exterior of your property. However, knowing when to upgrade your old windows is important to ensure your home has the functionality it needs. Here are 5 of the most common reasons our customers want to replace sash windows.

1. The frames are in poor condition

Sash windows are often found in older properties, creating a heritage look which fits in with the architecture of the building. However, if made with wooden materials such as timber, the frames require a lot of upkeep to maintain their quality look. For those who still have timber frames, you may be fed up of having to sand and repaint your sash windows, as well as paying for repairs if their function has depleted.

Luckily, there are timber alternatives on the market which emulate the look of wooden sash windows while incorporating traditional features. Products such as Ultimate Rose sash windows also come with a slide and tilt mechanism, making it easy to clean them from inside your home.

2. You’re feeling the cold

One of the most common reasons to replace sash windows. The main issue with old fittings is that they’re not as energy efficient as modern products. Perhaps you’re feeling a draught in your rooms or your energy bills are high.

New sash windows are designed to eliminate this issue, using thermally insulating glazing and high quality frames to stop warmth escaping from your property.





3. You can’t secure them properly

One of the most concerning problems with old sash windows is when they’ve fallen into such a state of disrepair that they don’t shut properly. Sophisticated burglars understand the weak spots around older windows, making it easier for them to enter your home. Fortunately, modern sash windows come with high security features. This includes locks for both upper and lower sashes, as well as a range of other mechanisms to make it hard for anyone to open the locked windows without a key.

Replace sash windows for your personal safety!

4. Opening them is getting harder

Smooth opening is something many old sash windows lack, especially if made from timber. Cracked paint, warped wood and weathered frames can all contribute to windows which are stiff to open and may even jam at times. Now, careful consideration is put into the design of sash windows, helping them to glide open and shut while incorporating travel restrictors and other features to help property owners easily control the ventilation of their rooms.

5. You live on a busy road

For those who live in a built-up area with a lot of traffic and people going past their property, it can be a pain if your sash windows aren’t great at blocking out noise. This can be a huge issue if you have sash windows in the bedroom, with many finding it hard to sleep when they can hear everything going on outside their house. New sash windows can have toughened glazing or even acoustic glass, offering sound insulating benefits for a home.

Want to update your sash windows? Here at Unique Windows, we provide beautiful sash windows to homes across Surrey and South London, including Croydon, Brixton and Burgess Hill. Contact us now to find out more about our fantastic range of products.

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