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When looking at ways to refresh the look of your property and make your rooms more functional, many home and business owners choose to install rooflights, allowing in more light to create bright and spacious rooms.

Want to know more? Take a look at our simple guide to rooflights.

What Is a Rooflight?

There’s often confusion between the different terms you’ll see such as roof lanterns, skylights and rooflights. While there are only small differences between them, the terms are often used to describe similar products, so it’s important to understand what’s the best one for your property. Rooflights are used to provide more light into a home, often being installed on flat roofs or pitched roofs where light may be limited or where property owners want to increase ventilation into rooms. Rooflights usually stand out further from the roofline than skylights (although can be flush too) and are sometimes installed in listed buildings if it can be shown they won’t detract from the character of the building.

Benefits of Rooflights

Rooflights can add a contemporary feel to any room, brightening the spaces while adding more functionality to your rooms. If installed in a flat roof, they’re designed to ensure water can run off them, preventing leaks from occurring. While primarily a glazing product, the frames can determine the benefits available to your property. High quality aluminium frames are a popular choice, having been thermally broken for additional energy efficiency while powder coated for strength and durability. It’s worth choosing a quality material to reduce any maintenance required. With rooflights often a challenge to reach, it’s unwise to select a material which requires a lot of upkeep such as timber.

Choose Bespoke Designs

It’s easy to customise the look of rooflights to stay in-keeping with the rest of your property style, even if living in a period home. Most collections will have standard sizes available, but you can ask for made to measure rooflights if you’d prefer. Customise the look by choosing the colour (which can often be differed for inside and out), finishing effect and glazing style, including tinted glass for a dash of coloured light. You can also opt for toughened safety glass for extra security and electronic or manual options if selecting a rooflight which can be opened.

Easy Installations

Rooflights are an easy product to install, but you’ll need to find a specialist who can help. Look for an expert who can both supply and install your product as this creates cohesion between choosing designs and having them fitted, ensuring the process remains as simple as possible. Luckily, most rooflights and skylights won’t need planning permission as long as they meet certain conditions. These include projecting no more than 150mm from the existing roof plane, and they’re installed no higher than the highest part of a roof. Building regulations approval will usually be needed for any roof alterations.

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