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Bifold doors are a beautiful addition to any home or commercial space, opening up rooms to the outdoors. However, due to the nature of their structure and operation, you may be wondering whether their size is a suitable match for your property, taking into account factors such as the amount of wall space required.

Here’s everything you need to know to decide whether you have enough space for bifold doors.

How do bifolds work?

The way in which bifold doors work is on a concertina principle. This means that the door frames are hinged, with each panel folding back onto itself to one or both sides of the opening in a compact space.

This has the benefit of opening up the room, bringing in masses of sunlight while providing unprecedented access to your outdoor spaces, such as a garden or terraced area. They’ve become a firm favourite in UK households and businesses, such as hotels and restaurants.

What size are bifold doors?

The size of bifold doors will depend on the manufacturer, who will usually have minimum and maximum sizes for their products.

For example, a top bifold manufacturer is Origin, producing beautiful aluminium windows and doors. The difference in their bifold door sizes comes down to whether you want an odd or even number of panels, their configuration, multi-lock options and standard vs oversize bifolds. For example, the minimum width for each door leaf is 700mm for an even number of panels folding in the same direction, compared with 400mm for odd number configurations.

Origin’s maximum panel has a 1200mm width and 3000mm height.

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Are bifold doors suitable for small spaces?

Bifolds are actually a space-saving alternative to sliding doors, which often require more space due to remaining in the doorway along a sliding track. By contrast, bifold doors can stack inwards or outwards, so even if you’re installing them in a small room, they don’t have to use up a lot of wall space.

Moreover, aluminium doors are manufactured with slimline frames, keeping the design as bulk-free as possible, allowing maximum sunlight into your rooms.

If you’re unsure whether you have enough room for bifolds, just ask your local supplier for a free consultation and quote. They can then survey the installation site for appropriate dimensions and configuration options.

Can bifolds fit unconventional spaces?

Modern bifolds can be configured to fit many unique spaces, including corner and bay sets, which can have moving or fixed corner posts. This allows you to open up rooms even further, especially if you’d like uninterrupted garden views.

Get a free bifold door advice

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