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Spitfire produces beautiful aluminium front doors, offering one of the most impressive selections of high quality residential entrance doors in the UK. However, did you know there are different ranges available in their collection? Here’s our guide to some of the products in their Spitfire front door collection!

The Spitfire Front Door Collection


This composite S-200 aluminium series of front doors has impressed for over ten years with an unrivalled reputation across the world. It’s one of Spitfire’s most comprehensive ranges, so you can choose from a whole host of different styles, colours and finishes, including a flat flush outer frame or an elegant curved design. Customise your front door in any way you like, adding sidelights, double doors or even a digital peephole.


The S-400 series takes inspiration from traditional timber doors with all of their outer faces constructed from West Canadian red cedar. Known for its gorgeous grain and durability, the cedar enables a smooth stained finish, bringing out the natural colour of the wood. This means you get the effect of a stunning wooden front door without missing out on all the benefits that come with aluminium products such as low maintenance requirements. The S-400 range also offers the option to install biometric or keyless entry functions, allowing homeowners to implement convenient, modern alternatives to a traditional key entry system.







As Spitfire’s large flagship range of front doors, the S-500 series is highly sought after throughout Europe. They’ve teamed up with Schuco – top German manufacturers of premium aluminium windows and doors, using their products for the outer frame of each door, increasing its thermal performance. There’s a wide selection of high-tech features in the S-500 range, including built-in LEDs for handles and sidelights, as well as seven opening options such as fingerprint sensors.


Spitfire’s new ‘pivot’ doors have been designed to create a focal point for those visiting your home, making a great first impression. These are some of their largest doors, and you can even ask for them to be made up to 2m wide and 3m tall. Designs include a recessed external handle, in-built LEDs and a range of finishes, including attractive glass inserts. The innovative ‘pivot’ mechanism comes with adjustable pins.

Benefits of Spitfire Front Doors

Whatever range you decide is right for your property’s entrance, Spitfire front doors come with an array of benefits. This includes high security locking, impressive insulation and thermally broken aluminium to help keep homes as energy efficient as possible. Customise your front door with a variety of options, including texture, carbon fibre or wood effect finishes, as well as quality hardware to complete the look.

After having a look at the Spitfire front door collection, would you like to take a closer peek?

Here at Unique Windows, we provide Spitfire front doors across South London and Surrey, operating from our showroom in Carshalton, as well as carrying out high quality installations in New Addington, Sanderstead and surrounding areas. Get in touch now for more information or arrange a free, no obligation consultation to see our products and receive a tailored quotation.

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