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Building an extension onto your home is a great way to add extra living space to your property, but it’s important to design it well in the planning stages. Everything from your home extension doors and windows to the layout will need to be meticulously planned. Many people choose to install a roof lantern, as the roof of the extension is the perfect spot to place this beautiful glazing feature. Here are some things to consider to ensure you choose the right roof lantern for your needs.

Where to Install the Roof Lantern

Roof lanterns are best installed in large flat areas, creating a type of pitched glass roof which is both decorative and functional. The additional light it lets in and outstanding views means you should think about the best installation spot. If you’re planning a large home extension, this could be over an area where it will be most appreciated, such as your new kitchen or a spacious dining area. Some people also like to place it in the centre of the room if they’re building an orangery, for example.

Best Materials

The best material for roof lanterns is aluminium. This material is strong but lightweight, so can be made with narrower sightlines than other products. In fact, if you choose a trusted brand such as Atlas, their roofs boast a 30% slimmer rafter and a 70% reduction in the ridges. This allows more light to enter your new extension and maximises the views from above. You can customise the frames to create the look you want, whether you’re hoping for an ultra-modern feel or a traditional style which blends in with the rest of your property.


As well as regular designs, you could choose another non-traditional shape for your roof lantern. This decision could be based on the style or theme of your space, or what works best within the dimensions of the room. Roof lantern designs include circular and pyramid shapes, as well as innovative, contemporary options. 

Alternate Glass Roofs

While you may think roof lanterns are the only glazing product you have the option to install, there are also several other glass roof products you could consider which may meet your needs better. For example, if you’d prefer several smaller areas of glazing over key spaces in the extension, you could opt for flat roof lights. Or for extensions and conservatories, you may consider a slanted lean-to glass roof which provides a unique look while letting in maximum light from above.

kitchen roof lantern

Looking for a roof lantern?

If you’re looking for the right roof lantern or glass roof product for your home or commercial property, speak to the team at Unique Windows London. We have a range of high-quality solutions for homes and businesses across South London and Surrey locations such as Uckfield, Crawley and Brighton. Get in touch with us now for free, no-obligation advice and a quote on any of our products.

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