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When it comes to choosing the best material for your window frames, there are a lot of factors to take into account, including aesthetics, energy-efficiency, security, longevity and upkeep. There are three main options to choose from – uPVC, aluminium and timber. The material you choose really depends on your individual preference for each of the areas listed above. Here, we outline some of the main benefits for each of the window materials.


uPVC frames have quickly become the most common window frame material for homes and businesses. This is because it is affordable, energy-efficient, easy to install, versatile, low-maintenance and offers good levels of security. uPVC windows can also be customised to achieve your exact window preference – whether you want a wood grain finish for a timber effect, or you’d prefer to finish it with a bold colour to create standout statement windows.

uPVC frames are a great all-round option for homes of all sorts. While you may be able to enhance aspects like security, functionality and energy-efficiency even further with more expensive window materials, uPVC window frames offer an excellent level of each of these.


Aluminium is a popular window material of choice for homeowners with contemporary properties, mainly because of its sleek, elegant design and capabilities for slimmer frames. It is just as good for period homes and more traditional properties, as it can be finished in authentic-looking wood grains. Aluminium is a strong, secure and energy-efficient material.

Aluminium can be more expensive than uPVC, but you may find that you make cost savings further down the line because of its energy-efficiency.


Perhaps the most traditional of all window materials, timber has been the go-to option for period-style property owners for a long time. This is because it looks beautiful and adds bags of period charm to a property (even if it’s actually a contemporary building). It can also be painted and stained to suit your style. As well as looking amazing, timber is a strong material and can offer effective thermal insulation if it is well-maintained and regularly treated.

There are some downsides to natural timber, which is why many homeowners are now choosing a timber alternative like Residence 9 for their windows. Real timber needs to be treated to ensure that it doesn’t crack, swell or rot from inevitable exposure to moisture. If the frames start to warp, the windows can become draughty or rattle in the wind. Residence 9 ensures that you get all the aesthetic benefits of wood without the draughts or upkeep.

Whether you’re looking for uPVC, aluminium or timber window frames, we have a wide range of each to suit your style. If you live in Bromley, Brixton, Tooting or another area of London or Surrey, contact us at Unique Windows today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

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