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So, you’ve decided to invest in new uPVC windows for your home. Whether you have opted for beautiful bays, gorgeous sashes, or handsome tilt-and-turns, the next step is choosing the perfect colour for your uPVC window frames. If you have not yet made up your mind, here is a bit of advice on finding a colour that makes your home look attractive, bright and full of character.

Natural vs colourful

An easy way to start narrowing down your colour options for your uPVC windows is to decide whether you’d like a natural finish or a colour. If you want to go for a natural tone, then you can choose from woodgrain finishes, such as mahogany, Irish oak, golden oak, rosewood and rustic cherry. For something more colourful, you can decide from a wide range of shades of grey, green, red, blue, yellow… any colour you want really! Your colour can be as bold as you want (like bright yellow!) or a more subtle, delicate shade like the popular Chartwell green.

Period vs contemporary

When choosing a colour for your uPVC window frames, it is important to take the character and existing features of your property into consideration. Your windows either need to blend with the rest of your home, or complement it. This involves recognising whether your home has a period or contemporary style – if it is a more traditional, period-style property, then you may want to take inspiration from the colours of the stone walls or other features; if you have a contemporary property then you can afford to experiment with bolder designs.

Look at the properties around you

While your home is unique to you, it is also an important part of the local area. Whether you live on a residential street or have a cottage in the country with just one or two neighbours, you may like to consider what colours other homeowners have opted for with their homes. There is nothing to stop you breaking the mould (unless you require planning permission!), but, in general, beautiful homes blend elegantly and effortlessly with their surroundings.

We hope this gives you a starting point for choosing the perfect colour for your uPVC window frames

Here at Unique Windows, our high-quality uPVC double glazing comes in a wide range of colours and finishes (44 options to be exact!). If you live in Bromley, Selsdon, Warlingham or a nearby area, contact us today for more information and a free, no-obligation quotation.

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