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Garden windows are beautiful glass nooks that are perfect for herbs, flowers and other sorts of plants. They are usually found in kitchens, generally overlooking the garden. The glass area juts out into the garden and creates a warm and light little cove, which is why garden windows are such ideal spots for plants. They also offer an attractive focal point in the room and let heaps of natural light flood in, making the kitchen look bright, spacious and cheery.

What do garden windows look like?

Garden windows are often aligned with bay and bow windows. You could say they are from the family, in that all three project away from the property and consist of multiple panes of glass that come together to create an alcove. But the design of each is very different. A bay window is usually made up of three panes of glass (one main pane and two slightly narrower windows on either side) and is angular in style. A bow window consists of four or five panes of glass and has a more rounded appearance than the bay window. A garden window has a sloped glass roof, two casement windows (one at either side), and a large pane of glass in the centre, providing virtually unobstructed views into the outdoor space. Garden windows come in all sizes, with some kitchens having multiple garden windows for maximum light.

Customising your garden window

A garden window is already a beautiful statement of style within your home, but if you want to inject your personality even more, there are lots of customisation options for your garden window. For a start, you can choose from uPVC, aluminium, timber or timber alternative. A lot of homeowners opt for uPVC in their kitchens, due to its versatility and moisture-resistant qualities (as well as the fact that it’s highly energy-efficient and easy to maintain). For homeowners that want to achieve an authentic timber finish for their windows, a timber alternative like Residence 9 is perfect – offering the look of timber with all the benefits of uPVC. If you want to create a period appearance, you could consider customising your garden window with glazing bars (which have to be fitted at the manufacturing stage) or astragal bars (which can be fitted externally to windows that are already in place). Then there’s the finish to think about: if you like the clean, white finish of uPVC, then you can stick with this, or simply opt for a woodgrain or colour to really enhance your new windows.

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