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We often hear how new windows and doors have been quality tested. This gives you reassurance that the products installed in your property will stand the test of time while helping to create an energy efficient and secure home. But what checks do they actually go through? Here’s some more insight into the testing process.

Weather Tests

Testing against the elements is one of the most important parts of assessing those windows which claim to be of the highest standards. This is quite an interesting area of the testing procedure, and windows like those from Kömmerling have their weather resistance examined under some of the most extreme conditions. This includes frames which have been tested for over a decade in storms, freezing temperatures, strong UV light and even hurricanes. There’s no better way to test the durability of windows than to see how they react when put under extreme pressure from the elements in a real-life situation over many years. Windows are also given an energy efficiency rating, having undergone tests which look at factors such as how well their glazing stops heat and sunlight passing through them, as well as air leakage.

Security Tests

Security testing is one of the most important parts of testing new windows and doors, and they must meet certain requirements under Document Q of Building Regulations. A sign of high quality products is approval from the British Board of Agrément (a BBA certification) which recognises the tough quality tests they’ve passed.

One of the most rigorous assessments windows and doors go through is PAS 24 testing, which is one of the minimum standards in the UK that products should meet. This involves an independent Certification Body visiting a production facility at various stages in the manufacturing process to test the doors under strict laboratory conditions. This includes timed manual attacks on the most vulnerable parts of the door using tools, various impact tests and attaching manual loads to locking points.

Safety Tests

New windows and doors must also pass a series of safety tests to remain compliant with UK Building Regulations. One of the key parts of this is undergoing fire safety assessments such as tests for smoke tightness and measuring their unobstructed openable areas. Other important factors tested include their ventilation, as well as protection from falling, collision and impact. This includes pendulum tests for glass used in buildings.

Looking for high quality windows and doors?

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