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The Residence Collection has long held its place as one of the best collections of windows in the UK, loved for their timeless look and high quality designs. Our customers across South London and Surrey often pick Residence 9 windows for their property, but with the introduction of the R7S range to our portfolio, there’s now more choice than ever for those wanting the Residence look throughout their home.

Struggling to decide? Here’s a guide to some of the aspects you should think about when making your final decision.

Is Your Home Modern?

There’s no doubt that Residence 7S windows suit the more modern home with a beautifully flush finish both inside and out. They look great in any style of property but have the added benefit of updating the look, providing a more chic twist for new builds and traditional properties alike. Like Residence 9, they also replicate timber windows while having the functionality and low maintenance benefits of modern materials. This is achieved via the composite materials used to create them. Some homeowners also choose this collection if they’ve been considering Kömmerling uPVC windows as they are competitive in price when compared.

Do You Have Heritage Features to Consider?

For those in period properties or conservation areas, Residence 9 windows are a perfect choice. Replicating 19th-century timber windows, this collection was designed with Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines in mind. This means they take into account dimensions, shapes and principles to not only preserve but enhance the look of heritage features in period properties. For any house with architectural elements to consider, R9 windows have plenty of ways to personalise them, including the inclusion of a Georgian bar, butt hinges and a variety of handles and peg stay designs. Heritage colours for the frames include shades such as English Oak, Black, Rosewood and Cotswold Green. Such bespoke features are ideal for those looking for a more traditional look.


Similarities & Differences

You may have already realised, but all products in the Residence Collection blend the old and the new, taking 21st-century window systems and ensuring they recreate the aesthetics found in beautiful 19th-century timber windows. Both products are highly secure, suit multiple styles of property and their quality frames are virtually maintenance free. They also have more chambers than most uPVC offerings (7 for the R7S and 9 for R9 windows) which means they provide enhanced thermal efficiency. The difference between these two collections lies in the in the slimline frame. The R7S has evolved to become completely flush. The narrowest frame depth is just 75mm, offering one of the slimmest profiles on the market today.

Want to see examples of the Residence Collection?

The easiest way to decide on which of these products will suit your home is to ask for a free, no obligation consultation with the Unique Windows team. We cover Surrey and South London areas such as Horsham and Tooting but also have a showroom in Carshalton where customers can take a look at products up close and ask as many questions as they like. Contact us now to find out more.

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