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As with all aspects of building and home improvements, you’ll often come across clever, integrated functions of many everyday objects you weren’t previously aware of. 

What are trickle vents?

Trickle vents, which is short for trickle ventilators, are small openings in a window, usually located at the top. They have the appearance of a long thin bar that can be opened and closed, allowing (or stopping) fresh air coming in and keeping your property well-ventilated. 

Why are trickle vents important?

Trickle vents are important because they allow for fresh air to enter your home, even when your windows are closed. This means they help to remove any stale air and odours, such as the ones you might get from cooking, replacing it with clean, fresh air. 


Providing ventilation while your windows are locked shut is essential for both safety and soundproofing, as open windows can often invite burglars and allow more noise from the surrounding area into your home. 


If a window is not ventilated properly, it can also cause a build-up of condensation that can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. This can mean problems (and unwanted costs) further down the line.

Are trickle vents a legal requirement?

The legalities of trickle vents depend on what ventilation your previous or current windows have. Current regulations state that it is only mandatory to install trickle ventilators in a replacement window if there is a trickle ventilator in the one that is being replaced. 


This is to ensure that buildings originally designed to have this type of ventilation continue to do so. Removing such vents could lead to serious problems with condensation in any part of the room – and not just on the windows themselves.

Air Ventilation unit for windows

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