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When choosing new windows and doors for their home, the first thing most people do is to start looking for products they like. But what if you flipped this on its head and looked for a specialist first? This is something many homeowners are feeling the benefit of after finding a company who offer bespoke windows and doors. Here’s why companies like Unique Windows make life easier for you.

Save Time

We all know how long home improvements can take, and this includes the hours spent researching exactly what you want at the start of the project. We meet lots of people who have spent literally hours and hours searching for various door styles, window shapes and frame materials they like, and still feel unsure of what will look best at their property. When you speak to a bespoke windows and doors specialist, if you don’t know what you want, they’ll start by defining the outcomes you’re hoping for, whether that’s deciding whether to replace sash windows, a new front door or the best ways to update the look of your home. They save you time by narrowing down options based on your needs, providing you with a shortlist of options.

Focus on Style and Function

Many homeowners tend to focus on the look they’re trying to create without considering the practical benefits which can transform the way you use your rooms. It’s no good picking windows and doors which look the part if they’re not providing the functionality you want for the space. Windows and doors not only affect your interiors but your home’s connection to the outdoors and your comfort within each room.

A bespoke windows and doors specialist will help you to focus on the practical benefits too, including privacy vs views, inward opening vs outward opening doors and elements such as energy efficiency, sound insulation, security and how much time you have for maintenance of the frame materials you opt for.

Customise Windows & Doors to Your Needs

Those who try to research products themselves often find themselves overwhelmed by the choices on offer, including colours, configurations, sizing, shapes, finishing effects, glazing, textures and security features, as well as hardware and accessories such as Georgian bars, hinges, letterboxes, spyholes and handles. A window and door specialist providing bespoke designs makes your life simple by guiding you through the customisation steps from start to finish. This means you can ask questions along the way, making decisions easier.

Find a Specialist

Here at Unique Windows, we pride ourselves on the customer service we offer, supplying and installing windows and doors across South London and Surrey. So whether you’re looking for replacement windows at your home in Crawley or new front and back doors in Merton, our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help. We even have a showroom in Carshalton, where you can see many of our bespoke windows and doors in person. Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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