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If investing in new windows for your home, you’ll want to make sure the design is right, looking good from both inside and out. As well as lots of different window styles to choose from, you must also select a frame colour suitable for your property.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why does window frame colour matter?

Window frame colour can drastically change the appearance of your home, so it’s important to make the right choice when it comes to the perfect shade. You have to consider both your home décor, as well as the architecture and character of the property. An ideal frame colour makes the difference between adding bucketloads of kerb appeal to your home and picking something that doesn’t suit your property.

Your final selection will often depend on the impact you want to create. For example, dark frames against light stone make a bold statement, ensuring your windows become a noticeable property feature. On the other hand, softer colours can blend in seamlessly with your home décor and add an elegant touch to your interiors.

How do you choose the best frame colour?

Luckily, modern window frames can be customised to create the aesthetics you want, whether it’s a period look or something striking and contemporary. Remember, you don’t have to go with what’s on-trend as you’ll want to be happy with the frame colour for years to come.

A good place to start is to take note of your home’s stone or brick colour and find examples of frames that look good next to these tones. This could be by wandering around your neighbourhood to see which frame colours other households have chosen, finding photos online or in magazines, or even asking your local supplier for a window brochure.

What about door frame colours?

If you’re choosing a new front door, you’ll also need to consider how this fits in with any window frames you’re designing. Many people like them to match, which is something your window company can help you with, offering a RAL palette with hundreds of options.

Think about the property style you want to get across. For example, a country property often has cool tones present, such as cream or pale green windows and doors. Or, a traditional home may look incredible with a red door that brings out some of the deeper tones seen in the exposed brick.

What are dual coloured window frames?

Dual coloured windows are those which have a different shade on the inner and outer frames. This gives homeowners greater flexibility when making their frame colour choices.

For example, you may decide to opt for a contrast if you have a heritage home that’s been modernised on the inside. Or, you may want white inner frames to keep up with changing interiors but something bolder on the outside of your home where no alterations are planned.

You can also think about the finish you want for the frames as a whole, whether that’s a matt or gloss paint. Some brands even offer a textured feel, so ask your window supplier for more information about the options available.

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