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When choosing new windows and doors, it can be annoying if you come across too much terminology which you haven’t heard of before. Here at Unique Windows, we always try to explain things clearly rather than baffle you with jargon which only those in the industry understand. One of the terms you may have come across is ‘thermal break’ which is often used to describe why certain window and door ranges will make your home more energy efficient. Here’s our expert guide to thermal break technology.

Importance of Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

With the cold weather upon us, there’s nothing better than getting inside and relaxing in the cosy warmth of your own home. However, for those with old fittings, it’s not enjoyable if your windows and doors are letting a draught into your rooms or it feels just as cold inside your property as it does outside. This causes homeowners to turn their heating up higher, which unfortunately sees many pay the price when their energy bill comes through the letterbox.

Energy efficient windows and doors are the ideal solution. They’re also perfect for those looking to lessen their impact on the environment, reducing the amount of energy required to keep a home warm.

Which Products Have Thermal Break Technology?

Aluminium windows and doors are some of the most common products to incorporate this innovative technology.

Often chosen for their strength in holding large panes of glass while remaining stylish, slimline and lightweight, aluminium frames also provide much functionality to window and door products. However, being a metal, you would normally expect them to conduct large amounts of heat.

Without the thermal break, products like the Cor Vision Plus sliding doors would lose heat from the inside of your property, meaning you’d have to use more energy to keep your rooms warm. Thermal breaks resolve this issue and even result in aluminium windows having some of the lowest u-values on the market.

What Is a Thermal Break?

Thermal breaks are usually made from a material which is a poor thermal conductor such as polyamide. Placed between the inner and outer frames, the material hugely reduces the loss of thermal energy which would normally be transferred easily between the metal frames. It’s also essential that the thermal break doesn’t disrupt the structural integrity of the design, as well as eliminating condensation forming within the frames.

Want a warmer home this Winter? Here at Unique Windows, we have a wide range of products for you to choose, including beautiful collections of aluminium windows and doors from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Working across South London and Surrey, we help property owners in West Wickham, Sutton and surrounding areas to find energy efficient products for their home. Arrange your free consultation today by getting in touch with our friendly team.

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