Ecoslide - ECOSlider

Our ECOSlider range is a popular option with our trade customers, ideal for builders looking for a product which is affordable, traditional looking and with fast turnaround times. The design has a lot of charm and style which remains in keeping with period properties, and the sashes are convenient and simple to operate. With an inward opening facility, they’re easy to clean and maintain. Choose from a range of colour options to help homeowners create the look they want for their property both inside and out.

Tilt & Easy Clean Function

To keep these low maintenance sash windows looking as good as new, simply use a wet cloth to wipe them down. 

This is made as easy as possible for homeowners thanks to an inward opening tilt, allow you to reach the external window frames and glazing while inside your property, whether you’re on the second floor, ground floor or inside a conservatory.

Sliding Slash Windows

Like a traditional wooden box sash window, ECOSlide PVC-U sash windows slide up and down to your requirements.

Their convenient and easy operation is achieved via double sliding sashes in the outer frame, moving independently via a balanced load mechanism. This allows the sash to be held securely at any height, enhancing the ventilation possibilities in each room of your home.