Origin Sliding Doors

At Unique Windows London, we understand that you’re looking for that perfect blend of style and practicality. That’s why we know you won’t be disappointed when you choose from our selection of sliding doors.

Nick HarlowProduct Specialist

Origin sliding doors offer a vast range of options, helping you to find a design that blends in seamlessly with your home. Customise the look with an extensive colour palette (over 150 shades), powder-coated for a scratch-resistant, long lasting finish. The doors are smooth to touch, achieving one of the lowest maintenance aluminium doors on the market with an unbeatable guarantee of 20 years.


Up to 6 panels up to 11.8m
2 weeks lead times for popular colours (7015M, 7016M, 9005M 9910G)
-300mm stainless steel all in one handle
Up to 20 years Guarantee


Up to 6 panels up to 11.8m
77mm Sight Lines
2 weeks lead times for popular colours (7015M, 7016M, 9005M 9910G)
500mm stainless steel offset bar handle
Up to 20 years Guarantee

Design Options - How Do Origin Sliding Doors Differ?

Origin’s full range of sliding doors come with a multitude of benefits, offering a modern twist on traditional patio doors. Blending stunning aesthetics with exceptional functionality, the key differences are in the panel sizes and sightlines achieved by the OS-20 (Artisan Slider) and the OS-44 and OS-77 (Patio Slider).

Aluminium Sliding Doors of the Highest Quality

Origin sliding doors are created using premium grade aluminium. Strong, lightweight and virtually maintenance free, these thermally efficient doors mix enhanced security features with practical designs. The aluminium chosen for the doors is of impeccable quality, achieving a sliding door that’s durable and highly weatherproof, so they won’t degrade or warp over time. Sophisticated operating mechanisms allow the door to effortlessly glide open and shut.

An Industry Leading Guarantee

Origin doors have been designed to stand the test of time. Combining outstanding craftsmanship and engineering with meticulous quality testing, their 20 year guarantee for the door frames is available to our customers.

Safe & Secure for Everyone

The high security features of Origin sliders will help you feel safe in your home. The OS-20 Artisan Slider comes with a minimum 6-point locking system, e-toughened glazing and no external lock. 

The OS-44 and OS-77 Patio Sliders have an array of locking and handle options, securing directly into the door jamb. Both have passed rigorous tests to ensure they can resist intrusion attempts, with the OS-77 design even meeting the highly acclaimed PAS 24 standards.

OS-44/ OS-77

The OS-44 and OS-77 Origin Patio Slider designs are the ideal fit for any property style, offering a modern alternative to traditional patio doors. Design each door to your bespoke needs, with the difference between the two defined by their sightlines.

With sightlines of just 44mm, the OS-44 is the more slimline of the two products, creating minimal obstructions to the enhanced views that let natural sunlight flood into your home. The OS-77 has sightlines of 77mm, so it’s a slightly larger profile, creating a look that puts an elegant touch on traditional patio door designs.

Both Patio Sliders are made to measure, fitting your home’s spaces perfectly and reaching between 1.8 and 11.8 metres. They’re available in up to three door panel sets, so you can opt for one fixed or all-sliding panels, helping you to achieve the functionality you need in the space.


Origin’s premium design and engineering extend to the OS-20 Artisan Slider. This fully bonded system comes as one unit, merging the glass and frames. The glass has been manufactured by a highly renowned international supplier, creating sliding doors that boast superior technology. The results are an energy efficient, secure and attractive door system to suit every home.

Multiple configurations are available for increased flexibility in the design, from 2-door sets through to 6 doors. The Artisan Slider has panes than span from 1.1 to 13.2 metres, with made to measure specifications to suit your needs. Choose between fixed or sliding panels, finding a configuration which is perfect for the layout of the space.