Origin Windows

OW-70 Slimline Window

Installed with Yale’s renowned Encloser Locking system, offering the highest level of security.
Ultra-slim sightlines of 65mm from sash to frame
Double glazing available, as well as triple glazing and Aerogel for specific sizes
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OW-80 Casement Window

Installed with Yale’s renowned Encloser Locking system, offering the highest level of security.
Ultra-slim sightlines of 65mm from sash to frame
Double glazing available, as well as triple glazing and Aerogel for specific sizes
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Origin OW-70 Slimline Window

Origin Premium Partner

Unique Windows is proud to be an Origin Premium Partner, providing supply and installation services across Surrey and South London.

Among our Origin collection of high-quality aluminium products is a new offering that’s setting the bar higher for slimline designs. The OW-70 range has a slimmer profile which both homes and businesses can enjoy for the stylish aesthetics achieved wherever these windows are installed.

Their Slimmest Window Yet

The phrase ‘less frame, more light’ is something many property owners strive for when replacing their windows. Origin’s new OW-70 windows boast impressive sightlines of just 65mm. This is ideal for those who want to create a sleek finish to their property and enhance the welcoming feel of their home. Such slimline frames let in more natural light to create bright and spacious rooms while maximising views from the windows.

While this is a new product in their industry-leading collection, you can still enjoy the same benefits such as premium grade aluminium frames which are known for their strength, durability and low maintenance. Built with security in mind, you can rest assured knowing that stainless steel multi-point locks are in place to protect your property. They also achieve a thermal efficiency which exceeds existing build regulation standards, meaning OW-70 windows help keep homes warm as well as highly secure.

Bespoke Features to Enhance Your Property

Perfect for those looking to modernise their property, Origin OW-70 windows produce a flush external finish upon installation. This creates a trim, elegant touch to any home, whether a new build or older property. Thanks to an array of bespoke design options, you can opt for a variety of custom features, whether it’s the colour, finish, handles or even the opening configuration of your choosing.

Need windows in a hurry? There are endless RAL colours available to create the look you want, producing a flawless finish with a high-grade powder coating. However, Origin Windows also have a one-week express delivery option for their most popular shades such as Hipca White and Anthracite Grey.

Origin OW-70 Slimline Specifications:


65mm sightlines

Premium grade aluminium frames

20-year guarantee

A rated windows

U-values up to 1.2W/m2K

Casement or fixed frame designs

Over 150 RAL colours (including dual colours)

Gloss, matt & satin look finishes

Crank or inline handles

PAS 24 Security

Origin OW-80 Casement Window

Premium Custom Aluminium Frames

The Origin Window is our premium range of bespoke aluminium windows – they truly set the industry standard in terms of elegance, high grade materials, safety, energy efficiency and longevity of use.

Designed and manufactured in the UK these high spec windows go through rigorous quality controls at every stage of production. Because of the premium grade aluminium used in their precision engineering process, Origin confidently offer a huge 20 year guarantee on all windows, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

A sleek and elegant look for any home

The frame sits completely flush with the glass in an industry-unique design that not only gives a neat and elegant finish but also beams more light into your home, making this window a very popular choice among customers looking to add a level of uniqueness, style and brightness to their homes.

All Origin aluminium windows are custom made and can be manufactured to fit any shape and size – including bay and gable spaces – in both sash and fixed casement configurations. We will help you personalise your design to perfectly suit your home. Choose from over 150 frame shades, including dual colour options that let you have one colour outside – to match the exterior of your property – and a different colour inside. We also offer a wide selection of colour-coordinated or metallic handles. All you have to do is pick the best look for your home and we’ll take it from there.

Premium grade aluminium ensures weather resistance, security, and virtually no maintenance

Whilst The Origin Window certainly looks the part it is by no means a solely aesthetic design. Added inbuilt functionality features such as the advanced triple weather seal provide excellent weather protection, and the high levels of thermal efficiency, integral to its construction, keep your home cool in the summer and your energy bills low in the winter.

Don’t be fooled by its slim and lightweight design either. Due to the innately high structural integrity of the aluminium composite, Origin Windows do not compromise on security in the slightest. In fact these are some of the most secure windows on the market, especially when you consider that they all come fully fitted with the Yale Encloser locking systems, as standard. On top of all of this, virtually no maintenance is required due to the high spec material and the state-of-the-art powder coating that creates a durable scratch-resistant surface.

Upgrade to Aerogel for space grade thermal efficiency and even lower energy bills

The option to upgrade your Origin Windows with the Aerogel-upgrade package is available to those looking to supercharge their home’s energy efficiency. But what exactly is it? Aerogel is a chemically engineered material and is used for insulation in spacecraft because it has the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid material. If you think this sounds like overkill then think again. Utilising this groundbreaking technology within the commercial window market makes for huge long-term savings on your energy bills. Why? Because Aerogel-upgraded Origin Windows boost performance to an unbelievable U-Value of 0.9 and a massive A++ Energy Rating.