Composite Doors

At Unique Windows we offer a wide range of composite doors to ensure that all of our many and varied customers can find the product that matches their taste and budget.

What are composite doors?

Composite doors are constructed with security in mind. Many doors on the market use a foam filling, but composite doors utilise a solid timber core in order to keep you, your family and your home secure.

Endurance Door

As the name suggests, if you’re looking for a door that offers unparalleled security then the range from Endurance Door is the product for you. A 48mm thick solid slab of timber makes the door incredibly robust, and Endurance Door are so confident in their products strength that they put them to a sledgehammer test.

Don’t be deterred by their emphasis on security, Endurance Door finish all of their doors off with a variety of styles and colours. Choose from a selection of their three ranges:

The Classic Collection

These doors emulate the timeless Georgian and Victorian styles; the Etna, Ben Nevis, and Bowmont models are popular choices but they have seventeen other designs to choose from.

The Modern Collection

For those seeking a contemporary design that complements a modern and sleek home then the Modern Collection have an excellent range of doors that look great with stainless steel handles.

Country Collection

Choose from the Country Collection for a simple but elegant door inspired by the charming rural life. This range is great for those with a traditional cottage or country home that want to maintain their properties authenticity but double down on security and durability.


Solidor are a high-quality range of durable composite doors that offer both superb property security and stylish designs. Maximise natural light intake with the Alnwick or Windsor ranges, present a classic look with the Edinburgh range or The London Door, or choose something a bit more quirky and stylish with the Italia range or Harlech range.

All doors can be tailored further still through the multiple colour options available so that you can really make the entrance to your home reflect both your personality and the interior design theme.

Solidor doesn’t just stop at your homes entrance. If you want to go a step above standard PVCu designs for your backdoors and have something sophisticated and strong then all of their designs are available as French Doors.

What about as Stable Doors?

All of their standard, and many of their Italia range, are available in this format. Ask our dedicated team today for further information.