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Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Right from the initial conception of this Vertical Slider, very careful consideration has been given to all aspect of design, performance, appearance and above all its ability to performance to the highest standard when subjected to rigorous testing to comply with ever changing more stringent legislation in a demanding competitive market. The profile is extruded at a state of the art extrusion plant in the UK to a very high specification.

The window has passed BS.6375 Weather Test to ensure it will perform to the varying demands and climatic changes of the British weather. The slider is energy efficient and is available with ‘A’ Rating as standard and by simply changing the glazing unit specification can easily achieve an ‘A’ Rating.

Styles & Options

The vertical sliding sash window is available in a variety of style options and colours, offering a wide choice to our customers.

The extensive range of Georgian bar options should satisfy even the most discerning of customers. Sash horns are another popular choice replicating perfectly the traditional Timber sashes.

The vertical slider can easily be inserted into either splayed bays or 90 degree bays. Transom drop options are available from a natural equal split to 60/40, 70/30 split or depending on customer requirements.

Arch tops represent no problems to our specialist in house team and state of art bending equipment can cater for any style that can be fabricated.

Roseview - Ultimate Rose

This exceptional product is our premium choice, offering some of the most authentic detailing available for modern sash windows. Every detail of Roseview’s Ultimate Rose product has been designed with the character and charm of traditional timber sash windows in mind, including slimline profiles, a 35mm meeting rail and period features such as a deep bottom rail, mechanical joints and run-through horns. While made from modern uPVC for enhanced sound insulation, energy efficiency and security, not many other products look as authentic as this one. For this reason, it’s often chosen for conservation areas, replacing period sash windows in line with planning requirements.

Roseview - Heritage Rose

Roseview’s Heritage Rose windows are a popular choice with homeowners across the UK. They can include heritage detailing such as astragal bars and run-through sash horns to help them look and feel as authentic as possible when compared with original timber windows. This uPVC sash window is incredibly flexible thanks to how customisable the design is, coming in a wide range of colours and finishes so that you can tailor the look to suit your property. They’re extremely easy to operate and low maintenance for minimal upkeep.

Roseview - Charisma Rose

The most cost-effective choice in the Roseview windows collection is the Charisma Rose. Combining the benefits of modern materials with traditional ovalo details which are easy to fit, the result is an all-round performance to enhance any property. 

Its versatile, superior features include practical designs such as inward tilting sashes for easy cleaning and a subtle anti-jemmy bar made from premium grade aluminium for an ultra-secure system. Triple brush seals boost an outstanding weather performance. Customise the look with run-through or clip-on horns, various add-on features and Eurocell trims.