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Chamfered vs Ovolo Window Profiles

Whether you’re replacing old windows or looking for products to suit a new sky room or conservatory, the finished look can change the whole feel of the space. Two of the most popular types of window profile available are ovolo and chamfered, with window manufacturers such as Aluk and Kömmerling offering both types of finish in their collections. But what do the terms actually mean in reality? Here’s an insight into how these profiles differ.

What Are Window Profiles?

Windows come in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re looking for high-quality residential windows or those for commercial applications. For aluminium and uPVC windows, the final look will be determined by several factors, from the colours chosen to how the window operates. The profile refers to how the window is finished, including the inner and outer frames. For example, a slimline profile will offer frames with narrowed sightlines. When you have one product which comes in several profiles, each option will have slight differences which can alter the look. The styles will sometimes differ at the edge of the profile, sightlines and glazing beads.

Ovolo Profiles

Ovolo window profiles are ideal for a timeless, traditional look with sculptured framing and rounded edges to the windows. It’s a style chosen for windows in period style homes or those looking to put lots of character into their windows, such as properties with country style interiors. It’s a popular choice thanks to the decorative finish produced, creating a curved shape, recessed frames and softer sightlines. Ovolo profiles can even be seen in larger windows, including those used in orangeries. These profiles are customisable too, with woodgrain colours often selected to stay in line with the heritage of the property. 

Chamfered Profiles

Chamfered window profiles provide a classic look for modern windows. This profile is defined by its sleek, neat appearance, creating a stylish feel wherever it’s chosen. The flat edges have a more contemporary feel than ovolo designs, with sloping glazing beads. Rather than feel ultra-modern, the chamfered designs still have a traditional framing look. These windows also boast excellent thermal performance.

What Are the Best Window Profiles?

When deciding on the best window profile for your property, it’s wise to think about the factors most important to you. What’s the overall look and feel you want to achieve on both the inside and outside of your home? Which profiles will suit existing features? What’s your favourite property style? The answers to these questions will help you narrow the search. 


Don’t forget to check all other specifications and features of any products you’re considering, including u-values, security, durability, materials and the reputation of the manufacturer. A good supplier will talk you through the process and help you to tailor the designs to your needs.

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