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When you’re replacing the windows in your home, you can pretty much do anything you want – particularly when you have the help of expert glazing installers! If you want to try something new by fitting a circular window where a standard-shaped window used to be, for example, then this can certainly be done. Likewise, if you decide that you want to get replacement windows that are larger or smaller than your existing ones – or you want to swap a standard door for French or patio doors – a glazier can help you get them fitted.

Opening up your home with big windows

Big windows are really popular in modern homes because they let in loads of natural light and can make rooms look much bigger than they actually are. If you currently have standard windows, an expert glazing team can easily make the window space bigger. This means that you can install any type of window you want – from French, patio or sliding doors to beautiful sliding sash windows, floor-to-ceiling windows and large casement windows!

Bringing things down a notch

It is also relatively easy to reduce the size of a window opening so that a smaller window can be fitted. This can be done for the height as well as the width of the opening. A professional glazer will be able to decrease the opening to fit the window of your choice, as well as provide expert guidance on choosing ideal smaller windows for your property, if needed.

Planning permission for period properties

If you live in a period property, or your home is located within a conservation area, then you may need to gain planning permission before you can make any home improvements that change the look of your property. You will need to contact your local planning authorities. Generally, in protected period properties, you can only install replacement windows that are a like-for-like alternative to the original ones, so you might not be able to fit ones that are larger or smaller. If you are looking to replace original timber windows because they are damaged or draughty, a good option is our timber alternative, Residence 9, which is made from uPVC.

Expert glazing installers – Unique Windows

Here at Unique Windows, we can help you fit your windows or glazed doors without any hassle – whether they’re larger than, smaller than or the same size as your existing ones. If you live in Dorking, Kenley or a surrounding area of London or Surrey, contact us today to find out more. We’d be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation.

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